Because of generous donations, Toys for Kids gives the gift of toys and more to homeless and disadvantaged children throughout the year.

We make young people smile. We fill them with joy. We give them hope. We show them love. And, we’ve been doing so since 1995.

Each year, more than dozen charities and thousands of children benefit from your generous donations.


Founded by the Voice of the Seattle Mariners, Mariners Broadcaster Rick Rizzs and former Seattle Mariners Center Fielder Dave Henderson.

In September of 1995, Rick Rizzs and Dave Henderson were watching the news after a Seattle Mariners game. A report stated Seattle’s homeless count was teetering at 8,000 men and women. Rick and Dave’s first thought was, “Where are the kids?”

Neither man was sure. But, both men knew they wanted to make a difference. “Let’s find them,” Rick suggested, “and take them toys for Christmas.”

Dave thought it was a great idea. Together, they called “the guys” – Mariners players they believed would share their passion. In total, 12 “guys” pooled their money and, in December, gave more than 300 toys to homeless and disadvantaged kids.


"We have enjoyed working with Toys for Kids because we get to see our Healing Center kids’ faces light up when they receive a special gift at our holiday party. In a time of year that can really be tough for our grieving families, this is a joy that they can count on."

— Mattie Bess, The Healing Center


That first year, Rick and Dave saw how 300 toys barely scratched the surface. The number of kids in need was staggering. The solution was simple – they needed more toys.

As generous as “the guys” were, doing more also required passing the hat to those outside the clubhouse. Rick and Dave started a small auction, hosting it at Safeco Field and selling autographed memorabilia. The results were promising, but Rick and Dave still wanted to reach more kids.

Virgil Fassio, Commissioner of the Seattle Mariners RBI Club, contacted Rick and Dave in 1999. He and the RBI Club wanted to help. Rick and Dave could not have been more pleased. An excellent partnership was born.

Since then, the Toys For Kids fundraising efforts have grown substantially. More than 10,000 toys are given on a yearly basis.


In our first 20 years we raised over $2.5 million, purchased more than 100,000 toys and helped host more than 60 holiday parties.